Chantal is a second-year nursing student at the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine. She needs one more year to finish her education to become an accomplished and dedicated nurse. She is the eldest of five daughters in a family that has been hit by a hard fate. The family's father worked in the tourism industry as a tour guide, but lost his job due to the pandemic. As a bus driver, he now earns only a small portion of his former income, which is no longer sufficient to support the family, including education costs. As a result, conflicts arose in the family, which ultimately led to Chantal no longer receiving support from her parents and no longer being allowed to live in her parents' home. In addition, she is still suffering from the consequences of earlier sexual violence, which is why she is receiving psychotherapeutic treatment. She is not eligible for Palestinian state aid because she lives in Israeli territory and not in the West Bank.

We have decided to include her in our scholarship program in order to do everything we can to help her complete her education, which she is desperately fighting for.