Astrid Lindgren

"What tomorrow's world will look like depends largely on the imagination of those who are learning to read."

The Founders

We, the founders, Thomas & Hildegard Hoene, have a family with grown-up children, who in turn have a family with children, a qualified education, a learned profession and their own livelihood. Beyond that, we have more than we need for our own lives. We have gained this through cooperation with others, through learned skills, vocation and commitment, and we want to use it to make a meaningful difference for others who need help. We are supported in this by our family.

We are educated as enlightened people and are therefore able to participate in the social communities surrounding us in many different ways. Through this we have experienced how helpful education and upbringing is in order to do something meaningful in our concrete living environment and thus also fill our own lives with sense.

We are open minded people, have traveled a lot. For us, foreign cultures and philosophies of life, but also misery and poverty, the traces of often man-made catastrophes such as wars, mass destruction, expulsions, terror, violence and exploitation have taught us to see the world with different, wider eyes and to recognize how privileged we live in Central Europe today. But we have also experienced how much good minded people can achieve with the means of reason, mercy and sacrifice on a small and large scale.

On February 03, 2020 the foundation was established within the family. On February 18, 2020 it was recognized by the Stuttgart Regional Council as a foundation with legal capacity under civil law. There it is entered in the publicly accessible foundation register. According to the decision of the Leonberg tax office of May 05, 2021, regarding tax number 70054/42775, the foundation is a non-profit organization according to its statutes and is allowed to issue donation receipts. The current assets of the foundation amount € 500,000. In the year 2022 the foundation spent more than € 250,000 for projects in 8 countries for more thand 100 scholarshipholders and other institutions engaged in education. The chairman of the foundation is Thomas Hoene, chairman of the  board Marie-Theres Mayer.

From years of experience in charitable foundation work, we know that developing a foundation requires effort and patience. We have set ourselves the goal of growing the foundation's assets to € 5 million by the end of 2028 so that we can continue to develop sustainable foundation work beyond the current scope of action. We want to make a big difference, even though we are aware that we cannot change the world on our own. Therefore we are looking for partners at all levels. Anyone who wants to participate can do so

  • through donations,
  • Endowments to the foundation capital
  • dependent trust foundations in which we act as trustee or 
  • as a project partner in current or future funded projects.

1st Foundation Trip 21 - 30 October 2021 to Israel/Palestine
See our travel report under Downloads

1st Foundation Concert on 29 July 2022 in Leonberg-Warmbronn
Performers Elisabeth Gebremedihn/Israel (piano), Avishag Neryia/Israel (viola) online, Naor Equba/Israel (clarinet) virtual, Minichor Singfreu(n)de Warmbronn

Program under Downloads

2nd Foundation Trip from 07 to 20 November 2022 to Tanzania and Uganda
See our travel report under Downloads

3rd Foundation trip from 16 to 23 March 2023 to Israel/Palestine following an educational trip
See our travel report under Downloads

2nd Foundation Concert on 07 July 2023 in Leonberg-Warmbronn
Performers Naor Equba (clarinet) and Yali Zaken (piano, both Israel)

Program under Downloads

"If we want to achieve true peace in the world, we must start with the children."

Mahatma Gandhi

ITZ-Page Transparency

We have joined the Transparent Civil Society initiative. We undertake to make the following ten items of information available to the public and to keep them up to date

1. name, registered office, address and year of foundation of our foundation = T.u.H. Hoene Stiftung, Riegeläckerstr. 44, 71229 Leonberg, 2020, Thomas Hoene, address as foundation, Tel.: +49 175 7568616,

2. complete statutes as well as goals and how they are pursued = foundation business and statutes see above under "downloads" goals and their pursuit see "goals" and "projects" on this hoempage 

3. non-profit notice from the tax office = see notice of exemption for 2020 above under "Downloads" on this hoempage. 

4. name and function of the main decision makers = Thomas Hoene, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees: Marie-Theres Mayer (Chairperson), Philipp Hoene (Vice-Chairperson), Sabine Rodewoldt, Hildegard Hoene

5. report on the activities of our foundation = annual activity report see activity report_2022 above under "downloads" on this homepage 

6. staff structure = Board of Directors and members of the Board of Trustees work exclusively on a voluntary basis without remuneration, 2 voluntary helpers without payment

7. source of funds = see annual accounts 2022 above under "downloads" on this homepage 

8. use of funds = see annual accounts 2022 above under "downloads" on this homepage 

9. corporate affiliation = none

10. names of legal persons with annual donations of more than 10 % of our annual income = none; persons as major donors = Thomas Hoene Familiengesellschaft (GbR) andThomas & Hildegard Hoene